Countries where Netflix is cheaper ...

Top 8 countries where access to the Netflix video streaming platform is cheaper… France is far from it.

Comparitech (via Statista) has compiled a ranking of the countries where the Netflix Standard subscription is the cheapest. As a reminder, this mid-range option gives access to two screens simultaneously in HD image quality.

Argentina and Turkey, the countries where Netflix is the cheapest

Out of more than 190 countries where Netflix is available, the cheapest are Argentina and Turkey with a subscription for less than $ 5. For comparison, the price of the Standard option in France is € 13.99, or $ 16.39, or more than three times more expensive than the aforementioned countries.

Moving to pay less Netflix?

Even the eighth country in this ranking - South Africa - has a subscription much less expensive than ours since it amounts to 9.44 dollars. So take a look at the illustration below to discover the rest of this top, which may push you to move to pay less Netflix…