TCL X925 Ultra HD 8K Mini LED TV refund offer, up to € 600 refunded

For a few days now, the Asian manufacturer has offered a very interesting refund offer for its new series of QLED Mini LED Ultra HD 8K TCL X9825 televisions (see our news TV Ultra HD 8K TCL X925: Mini LED, QLED, 1000 nits , Dolby Vision / Atmos and Goggle TV), up to € 600.

From September 24 until December 31, for any purchase of a QLED UHD 8K Mini LED TCL X925 TV, the brand will reimburse you:

• 400 € for the purchase of a TCL 65X925 TV (65 '', 165 cm)

• 600 € for the purchase of a TCL 75X925 TV (75 '', 191 cm)

The details of the offer are (or will be very soon) also available on the brand's website:

https: //