IPhone continues to drive up the 5G smartphone market

The arrival of the iPhone 13 will help inflate the 5G mobile market this year.

Last year, despite a late arrival in October, the iPhone 12 accounted for 24% of the distribution of 5G smartphones worldwide. This year, the iPhone 13 is released in September and should allow Apple to conquer 33% of the market.

200 million 5G iPhone in 2021?

Together, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 ranges are expected to help push the distribution of 5G smartphones to nearly 200 million worldwide for the fourth quarter of 2021, for a total of 605 million for the entire year.

Jeff Fieldhack from Counterpoint Research has the floor

The United States should once again be the engine of this growth. "Even without" must have "features, there will be a big appetite to switch to the new iPhone because the installed iOS base is large in the US, explains Jeff Fieldhack of Counterpoint Research. The periods of possession are almost four years. Those who are loyal to iOS are ready for the new models. ”