Oled Shift TV: rolling and rotating TV concept with variable format

What if tomorrow's televisions could change format (16/9, 21/9, Portrait, Landscape…) at will?

The designers Seungho Ro & Junha Kam were inspired by the idea of the roll-up TV signed LG (see our news LG OLED65R1, Ultra-HD 4K roll-up TV, 100,000 € in France), but they went even further .

Concept TV Oled Shift

While the LG roll-up TV has the principle of appearing and disappearing on demand and can only adopt three configurations, Full View, Line View and Zero View (see our news CES 19> LG Signature Oled TV R, the roll-up TV is there!) and, the concept of Seungho Ro & Junha Kam - called Shift - literally allows you to transform your screen as needed.

TV Oled Shift, 2 in 1

To do this, in addition to curling to extend lengthwise, Shift can also rotate on its central axis. In fact, the two side edges of version A screen become the top and bottom edges of version B. So you have two screens, one large for watching movies, the other smaller for, for example, working ( see visual below).

4/3, 16/9, 21/9…

But it does not stop there, because if the aspect ratios of each of the screens are by default 21: 9, it is possible to stop “winding” in several places defined to reach different formats. For example 1699, or 4/3 to watch older content, and even Portrait to simulate the screen of a smartphone. Source: Yanko Design