Bluetooth audio on Nintendo Switch, finally!

More than four years after the console's release, you can finally use your wireless headphones and speakers on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo will have taken its time, but the latest system update (v13.0.0) finally brings Bluetooth audio compatibility to Switch consoles (including Lite and Oled versions).

Bluetooth audio and 2 controllers, no more


Concretely, you can connect a headset, headphones or even a Bluetooth speaker. Be careful though because a maximum of two controllers, not more, can then be connected to the machine if you use this function.

Bluetooth and other constraints…

Other small constraints to take into account: the inability to use the Bluetooth audio function from two wirelessly connected consoles in multiplayer mode, the connection of only one audio device at a time and the incompatibility with the wireless microphones (therefore no Bluetooth headset / microphone).