The iPhone will one day be able to detect your "attention level"

What if the iPhone automatically regulates its battery consumption based on how much attention you pay to it?

Filed in March 2020 by Apple and recently granted by the US Patent Office, a patent named Attention Detection Service describes how an iPhone can reduce its battery consumption if it detects that the user is wearing it less. Warning.

The iPhone is watching you…

With the camera, microphone and other sensors, the smartphone can for example know if you no longer look at the screen or if you remain silent for a long time, and then choose to reduce its activity, for example by lowering the brightness of the screen or even turning off.

Controlling energy consumption

As new technologies such as 5G or 120 Hz screens consume more and more energy, saving the battery becomes essential, but increasing its capacity would impact the cost of production and therefore of sales. Interesting idea from Apple therefore that of wanting to use a software solution to save energy. Source: Apple Insider