8K Ultra HD TV TCL X925: Mini LED, QLED, 1000 nits, Dolby Vision / Atmos and Goggle TV

Back, as promised, on the presentation of the Mini LED 8K TV series offered by the manufacturer TCL 48 hours ago. After our news on the brand's flagship model, the TCL 85X925 Pro (see our 8K TV TCL 85X925 Pro news: Mini LED OD Zero, QLED, 1,920 zones, 2,000 nits, 96,000 LEDs for more information), spotlight on the TCL X925 series.

Unlike the TCL X925 Pro series which has a single reference, the TCL85X925 will be available in two diagonals, 65 '' (165 cm) and 75 '' (191 cm). And the first notable difference between the two series concerns the design with the presence, here, of a fixed central foot.

Mini LED backlight system Ultra HD 8K LCD 100 Hz model, TCL X925 televisions are equipped with an advanced Mini LED system, without however being of zero OD obedience as on the X925 Pro. For information, the size of the diodes on the X925 is 225 µm against 152.4 µm on the X925 Pro. Likewise, their number is less than on the X925 Pro without further details.

TCL X925, main specifications In technical terms, TCL X925 televisions display a peak light of 12,000 nits and a contrast ratio of 10,000,000: 1. For its part, QLED (Quantum Dots) technology allows 157% coverage of the Rec.709 gamut. Of course, the four HDMI 2.1 connectors are part of the game with 8K / 60, HFR 4K / 120, eARC, VRR (48 Hz to 120 Hz) and ALLM compatibility. Ditto for the management of HDR10, HDR10 + and HDR Dolby Vision associated with the Dolby Vision IQ functionality, without forgetting the FreeSync.

Sound 2.1 and 60 W Like the Mini LED backlight system, the audio section of the X925 TVs is also significantly below that of the 85X925 Pro. The 5.1.2 equipment gives way to a 2.1 in the form of a sound bar integrated under the screen, still signed Onkyo for a total power of 60 W (2 x 15 W + 30 W against 160 watts).

Gesture control In addition, the TCL 85X925 screens are equipped with a motorized ToF 3D 48 Mpxls camera, the first of its kind, for gesture control of the TV through the on-board AI module. It is thus possible to activate the fast forwarding of a streaming program with a simple hitchhiking gesture (see photo below). Likewise, the latter can analyze with precision the observation posture and the distance of the person to adapt the image settings accordingly. Finally, the Google Duo embedded application (see second photo below) allows visual conversations with family, friends or acquaintances.

Smart Google TV Of course, the TCL X925 TVs have the Smart Google TV function on board. For connectivity, it is the Wi-Fi 6 function which is in addition to Bluetooth 5.0. Finally, the Imax Enhanced certification is also present, the same for the Works with Alexa label (Amazon Echo type speaker compulsory for TV voice control).

Availability announced for the end of the year . Indicative price still unknown.

Reminder of the key characteristics of TCL X925 TVs:

• 10-bit panel

• 100 Hz panel

• LCD panel

• Ultra HD / 8K panel

• Processor: Quad Core

• Mega Contrast contrast enhancement function

• Wide Color Gamut function

• UHD Color Extender function

• UPnP (DLNA) media gateway function

• DVR function

• eARC function

• VRR function (from 48 Hz to 120 Hz)

• ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) function

• 4K HFR 120 function

• Quantum Dots function

• UHD Super Resolution function

• AiPQ 2.0 Engine function

• HDR10 and HDR HLG compatibility

• HDR10 + compatibility

• Miracast compatibility

• MHL 3.0 Compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision Compatibility

• HEVC Compatibility

• Dolby Atmos Compatibility

• HBBTV Compatibility

• Fransat Compatibility

• FreeSync Compatibility

• CEC compatibility

• Channel Ready compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Wi-Fi compatibility ax

• DTS-HD compatibility

• HDCP 2.3 compatibility

• Imax Enhanced certification

• Filmmaker Mode certification

• Outputs: 1 optical

• Inputs: 2 HDMI 2.1 inputs, 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, 1 USB Host 3.0 port, 1 Ethernet port

• Google Assistant Multimedia

• Multimedia Works with Alexa

• Google TV Multimedia

• Google Duo Multimedia

• Mini LED Local Dimming backlight system

• Mini LED technology: yes

• DVB-T2 tuner

• DVB-C tuner

• DVB-S2 tuner

• Sound section: 2.1

• Power: 60 W (2 x 15 W + 30 W)

• Other: Hands-Free Voice Control function, integrated camera

• Energy label: G (SDR & HDR)