Steven Spielberg saved by the Apple Watch, but in fact no

What happens when the Apple Watch's fall detection is accidentally triggered on the wrist of one of the greatest directors of all time?

We often tell you stories about lives saved in part thanks to certain functions of the Apple Watch, even if sometimes certain alerts are triggered unexpectedly, without any sign of real danger. This is what recently happened to Steven Spielberg in the middle of a speech for the 50th anniversary of his very first film, Sugarland Express, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Apple Watch: alert in Tribeca££££

While speaking on June 14, his Apple Watch told him that he had just fallen heavily, when in fact he had not. Wishing to continue his conversation with Brent Lang, the editor-in-chief of Variety, without interruption, he threw his watch to the ground and told the audience: "I'm not going to press the SOS button, I'll get it later." Except that the Apple Watch does not give in and fears the worst without response from its owner, then launches the noisy countdown which precedes the call for help.

Spielberg then finally makes the right decision, namely recover the watch and simply cancel the alert. All's well that ends well, even if we wonder why the fall alert went off. Perhaps the Apple Watch anticipated that it would be thrown to the ground and took the necessary steps in advance, Minority Report style?

Steven Spielberg reacts to his Apple Watch going off during a Q&A at #Tribeca2024

— Matt Neglia (@NextBestPicture) June 15, 2024