iPhone pimped Vision Pro, more expensive than an Apple Vision Pro

Always on the lookout for bling bling products, the Russians are offering these iPhone 15 Pros modified with codes for the new Apple Vision Pro headset.

Specializing in luxurious modifications of technological gadgets, the Russian company Caviar has a habit of reverse-engineering smartphones to transform them into veritable ostentatious accessories, replacing basic exterior materials with showy works of art made of noble metals and adorned with precious stones.

Who has crypto?££££

Latest model to date, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max modified to integrate the design codes of the new Apple Vision Pro headset. The case is made entirely of titanium, the kind used in the aeronautics industry, and is decorated with laser engravings and colorful enamel accents.

Limited to just 99 copies, the iPhone 15 Pro “Vision” is available depending on version for around €8,000 (indicative price). Too expensive ? The company offers a 15% discount if you pay in cryptocurrency. It's normal in Russia.