Grundig CMS5500BTDABWEB, DAB micro system

A look back at the new DAB+ products from Grunding with, after the Grundig Sonoclck3500DAB and Grundig Music6500B, the Grundig CMS5000BTDABWEB microsystem.

The manufacturer Grundig, already a supporter of RNT (or DAB+) technology, is offering a new series of products compatible with digital terrestrial radio. On the menu, alarm clock, radio, micro system, all in one... Whatever the consumer's needs, Grundig provides an answer. We begin the presentations with the smallest products in the range, the clock radio and the radio set.

Grundig CMS5000BTDABWEB, DAB+ microsystem ££££

Combining small size and respectable power (2 x 50 W RMS), the CMS5000BTDABWEB microsystem offered by Grundig accepts a whole variety of sources: CD (CD-R, CD- RW), MP3 and WMA via the USB port and/or audio CD player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and naturally national radios thanks to the DAB+ and FM RDS function, without forgetting web radios.

Grundig CMS5000BTDABWEB, other specifications££££

It is also equipped with a clock and an alarm clock, and displays an LCD screen with color LEDs. Also note a headphone jack, a USB port, and a supplied remote control. With dimensions of 30 x 10.60 x 21.50 cm, the microchain is available at the indicative price of 329.99 euros.