LG StandbyMe (XT7S), IPX7 certified Bluetooth 5.1 speaker

Already available in the United States and South Korea, the Korean manufacturer announces in France the StandByME Bluetooth speaker, also known under the name XT7S. If the latter can be used alone, it is also the perfect companion for the LG StanByMe Oled Lifestyle TV (27ART10).

Mono Bluetooth 5.1 speaker with a power of 20 W and equipped with two 2 cm cone tweeters and a passive membrane to support bass frequencies, the LG StandbyMe (XT7S) is IPX5 certified.

LG StandbyMe (XT7S), WOW Orchestra functionality££££

Like a selection of soundbars and TVs since 2023 (including the LG StanByMe Oled Lifestyle TV (27ART10)), the LG StandbyMe (XT7S) is equipped with the WOW Orchestra functionality to enjoy magnified sound reproduction coming simultaneously from the TV speakers and the speaker. Namely, LG has provided a specific support to attach the speaker to the TV stand.

LG StandbyMe (XT7S), ergonomics££££

In terms of ergonomics, the LG StandbyMe (XT7S) speaker is fully controllable via the TV remote control and it is of course possible to switch the sound from the speaker to the TV, and vice versa, with the simple press of a button. Its battery life is 16 hours.

Available from May 2024. Indicative price: 199 euros.