How does Apple make its butter?

After computing with Macs, then mobile with iPhones, will mixed reality - with the Apple Vision Pro - be the new market segment that will dominate Apple's turnover?

Based on Apple's financial reports, the Visual Capitalist site traced the evolution of the company's turnover, sector by sector.

Apple turnover, dizzying increase since 2007 and the arrival of the iPhone££££

Just take a look at the illustration created by the site (below) to realize in an instant that the company has experienced disproportionate growth since 2007, when the iPhone was launched, which today represents more than half of Apple's turnover. In 2007, the Mac computer dominated with 43%, followed by iPods at 35%.

Turnover of the Apple Watch and the Services division on the rise££££

The iPhone experienced its peak in 2015 with 66% of turnover, upon the release of the iPhone 6. Since the decline is slow, while wearables -iPod and Apple Watch- and services -AppStore, Apple TV+, etc.- contribute more and more to the company's turnover. The Mac, for its part, continues to decline and is now only at 8%.

We will now have to wait a few years to see if the company's latest product - the Apple Vision Pro headset - will become the new star of the Cupertino company.