Oled TV market 2023: LG world leader for the 11th consecutive year

The Korean manufacturer LG is leading the way in 2023 for Oled televisions, particularly on large diagonal models.

According to the latest data from Omdia, 201.35 million televisions will be distributed worldwide in 2023, slightly less than the previous year. The manufacturer LG, for its part, distributed 22.5 million units, Oled and LCD combined.

LG archi-leader of the Oled TV market 2023££££

On the Oled TV market only, Omdia indicates that LG has distributed 3 million units, representing a global market share of 53%, making Korean leader in this sector for the eleventh consecutive year. LG is doing particularly well in the segment of Oled televisions with a diagonal of 75'' (191 cm) and above, with almost 60% of the total distribution market share.

LG manages to maintain its prices on the LCD TV market…££££

Also note the Korean manufacturer ranks second in value market share, at 14.7%, in the Quantum LCD television segment Dot with its QNED models. In volume, the brand is further away, ranking fourth behind Samsung, Hisense and TCL (see our news Global TV market 2023 in decline: Samsung, Hisense, TCL and LG in the Top 4). These figures demonstrate the capacity of the LG brand to market LCD TVs, like its Oled specimens, at expensive prices.