Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, thinner and wider?

Samsung's next foldable smartphone should benefit from major aesthetic improvements.

Based on a patent recently published by Samsung, the Pigtou site has created 3D renderings (see below) of what the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 foldable screen smartphone expected in the month could look like. August 2024. The patent mentions in particular a reduced thickness, and an increased width.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, thinner and wider for a larger screen££££

Two notable changes, on the one hand because the Z Fold is today one of the devices of its kind the thickest on the market, and secondly because its external screen is criticized for its reduced width, making it not very functional. Thus, an increased width will increase the size of both the large internal screen and the one placed outside. Nothing confirmed of course, even if this patent echoes other similar rumors heard behind the scenes of the industry. The patent also mentions an improved hinge, allowing in particular greater solidity and more stability at folding angles.