PS5 Vs Xbox Series: the sentence is in

Both current generation consoles were released at the same time, but one of them sold twice as much as the other.

In November 2020, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles were released, two technological and fun marvels that have been struggling ever since. However, today there is a clear winner determined by an indisputable factor: sales figures.

77 million latest generation consoles according to the publisher Take Two££££

And if Sony publishes its results regularly and without shame, Microsoft is more discreet on this subject. The sentence is therefore delivered to us by an additional source, the latest financial report from the video game publisher Take Two. It indicates that a total of 77 million current generation consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series combined - have been sold. So we just need to do a simple subtraction to know the numbers we are missing.

50 million PS5s and 27 million Xbox Series££££

Knowing that Sony declared at the end of 2023 to have sold more than 50 million consoles, so that makes us less than 27 million for the competitor, or around twice as many PS5s as Xbox in homes across the planet. A figure in line with reports from last July, indicating that Xboxes were counted at just over 21 million then.