Xbox will continue to make consoles

Information - still unofficial - calms the fire of recent rumors which saw Xbox leaving the console market to concentrate on game development, particularly for competitor PlayStation.

In early February, persistent rumors claimed that Xbox would allow its formerly exclusive games to also be ported to the competing PlayStation 5 machine, including titles like Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush and Indiana Jones.

Phil Spencer confirms Microsoft's involvement in the console market with the Xbox££££

A decision which would mean, according to rumors, a major change in strategy on the part of the manufacturer and would involve even that it would be a first step towards abandoning consoles to concentrate solely on the creation of games, a bit like Sega did at the time after its last Dreamcast console. Xbox subsequently announced that official information would be given during the current week (February 12 to 17, 2024), enough to fuel the wildest speculation. But recent revelations from journalist Shannon Liao tend to reassure fans of the brand. He claims that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently spoke to the company's employees, explaining that Xbox consoles were still part of its strategy, involving in particular "several types of devices".