iPhone 15 Pro electrified in an acid bath, don't try this at home

Give pretty colors to the titanium edges of the iPhone 15 Pro with the anodizing process. Side effects: destruction of the guarantee and endangering your bodily integrity.

"Don't try this at home", is the warning given by the iFixit site before showing how to anodize the titanium shell of its iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, a chemical process which gives it the pretty colors that you can see in the photos below.

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; “Anodizing is an electrolytic process that grows a protective oxide layer on a metal surface, explains iFixit. In simpler terms, the metal surface is corroded in a controlled manner and the corrosion layer protects the underlying metal. The process is explained in detail in the article, and involves immersing the titanium shell in a chemical electrolyte bath. Acid, electricity, chemicals, in short an activity that requires some precautions, warns the site: To stay safe, we worked in a well-ventilated area, wore protective glasses and a face shield, and wore two pairs of nitrile gloves. Access to a supply of calcium gluconate gel is essential. In case of skin exposure, the gel binds with the toxic fluoride ion to neutralize it.

Please note, anodizing does not work on stainless steel on other iPhone models. And to conclude, rather than taking such risks, we advise you to change the color of your titanium iPhone by simply rubbing it with your greasy fingers.