Teufel M2, active bookshelf speakers AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth 5.0

The German manufacturer Teufel presented its latest highly versatile active Hi-Fi speakers a few days ago, the M2.

Active speakers in bookshelf format, the M2 advantageously replaces a classic Hi-Fi system.

Teufel M2, main specifications££££

Featuring Class D amplification capable of delivering a power of 2 x 100 W RMS, the Teufel M2 are network speakers. Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Chromecast (integrated), Spotify, Webradios (TuneIn) and Bluetooth 5.0, there is no shortage of protocols... In addition to these wireless functionalities, an Ethernet port is also present and Alac, Flac, Ogg, MP3 and WMA are required.

Teufel M2, connectivity££££

In terms of connectivity, the Teufel M2 has an RCA stereo input and an optical one. Thus, the connection of a television, an audio CD player or a vinyl turntable is possible. We notice another optical socket called Secondary for wired connection of the two speakers. Namely, these can also be associated wirelessly. It’s a shame that the Teufel M2s do not include, like the new Teufel M25 Ultima Active, an HDMI socket with eARC function. Precision, the USB-C port is dedicated to maintenance and Firmware updating.

In addition to the Teufel Home app, the top panel of one of the speakers lights up to access the touch-sensitive transport buttons for source selection and favorites (three).

Teufel M2, acoustic package££££

The Teufel M2 are three-way bass-reflex models each equipped with a coaxial driver combining a 2.5 cm fabric tweeter and an aluminum midrange 15.2 centimeters. The Kevlar woofer has a 16.5 centimeter membrane. The frequency response is given for 34-20,000 Hz and each speaker is powered by its amplifier: 60 W for the woofer + 30 W for the midrange and 10 W for the tweeter.

Available in black or white. Indicative prices: €999.99 per pair.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Teufel M2 speakers:

• Type: 3-way speaker

• Tweeter: 25 mm fabric

• Boomer: 16.5 cm kevlar

• Load: bass-reflex

• Midrange: 15.2 cm aluminum

• Power: 2 x 100 W (60 W for the woofer + 30 W for the midrange and 10 W for the tweeter, for each speaker )

• Sensitivity: 109 dB

• Connections: 1 optical and 1 auxiliary on RCA

• MP3, WMA, Ogg, Alac and Flac compatibility

• Frequency response: 34 Hz - 20 kHz

• Wi-Fi compatibility

• Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility

• Spotify compatibility

• Tune In Webradio compatibility

• AirPlay 2 compatibility

• Compatibility Chromecast (integrated)

• Dimensions (L x D x H): 210 x 268 x 432 mm each

• Weight: 20 kg per pair

• Consumption: 250 W (2 W Standby)