Formula 1 prepares for 8K

Next step for Formula 1 race broadcasts after Ultra HD 4K? Switch to 8K and reduce the latency delay between capture and screen time.

After the introduction of Ultra HD 4K definition in 2017, Formula 1 is already preparing for the higher resolution, namely Ultra HD 8K. This is what Dhaval Ponda, senior executive at Tata Communications, official supplier of broadcast technologies for F1, mentions.

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“I think the transition to 8K is going quite well in the industry right now,” Ponda told the opportunity for an interview with the British site Autosport. And that will definitely happen because, for the current generation who have become accustomed to 4K, 8K will really deliver a finer level of detail and higher quality.” According to him, three steps are still needed to achieve this transition: the right digital infrastructure, collaborating with technology partners to provide the ecosystem, and getting to the point where 8K UHD TVs reach a decent price. Suffice to say that it's not for tomorrow, or even the day after tomorrow... But hey, it's interesting to know that the world of F1 is considering it and preparing for it. The sooner this is the case, the quicker the transition to 8K will take place when the time comes.

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In addition to this image quality, Ponda also explains working on reducing the broadcast delay, so that the images broadcast have no delay with those captured, which is not currently the case (Editor's note: this is not the case for IPTV services, but also for TNT which is about ten seconds late on the live feed) .