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CES 24 > Dolby Atmos FlexConnect approaching on Hisense and TCL 2024 TVs

The CES show in Las Vegas 2024 gave us the opportunity to learn more about the latest from Dolby laboratories, the Dolby Atmos FlexConnect process, announced on TCL and Hisense 2024 televisions.

Dolby Laboratories therefore took advantage of CES 2024 to once again present the Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, already previewed at the IFA in Berlin last year.

A word to Dolby Laboratories££££

A word to Dolby for a presentation of the technology: “Dolby Atmos FlexConnect allows you to enjoy the incredible Dolby Atmos experience by seamlessly combining wireless speakers to the audio system of a television, while offering the possibility of placing each speaker in the location of your choice. Once connected, the system intelligently optimizes the Dolby Atmos experience based on room layout and speaker configuration, turning any seat into the best seat in the house.”

Dolby Technology Atmos FlexConnect at the heart of the next MediaTek Pentonic processors££££

At the IFA show in Berlin last September, TCL already announced that its next televisions will integrate the Dolby Atmos FlexConnect system, and Hisense therefore did the same at CES 2024 last week. In addition, semiconductor founder MediaTek also indicated that Dolby Atmos FlexConnect would be supported by its Pentonic Smart TV platform, a turnkey solution for manufacturers who would also like to deploy Dolby Atmos FlexConnect (for a fee). and stumbling of course), on their televisions.