AI upscaling for the PlayStation 5 Pro?

A recent leak suggests that the PS5 Pro - supposedly released in 2024 - will be able to increase the resolution of games via various artificial intelligence algorithms.

Last December, the Insomniac Games studio (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, etc.) was hit by a cyberattack which made several internal contents public. Among the leaked documents was recently unearthed a list of features for the Wolverine game currently in development.

Wolverine, Ray Tracing on the program££££

Among the technical details listed, we find improved facial animations, more realistic destruction, Ray Tracing (Global Illumination) in real time, and other nice details . But the most interesting thing is AI Upscaling, i.e. higher scaling for resolution, via artificial intelligence algorithms.

Wolverine, technical characteristics in line with those of the PS5 Pro?££ ££

Knowing that the PS5 does not have the hardware resources to meet such a technical challenge, we deduce that it is the next console which will be capable of it, namely the PlayStation 5 Pro which rumors predict in 2024. Furthermore, this is not the first time that rumors have suggested that the machine will have such capabilities.