CES 24 > Hisense Rollable Laser TV, “rollable” screen

Hisense presented again during its press conference yesterday, as a preamble to the CES show in Las Vegas 2024, its Rollable Laser TV initially unveiled at CES 2020 then again in 2022 (see our CES 20 news > “Rollable” screen Hisense Self Rising Laser TV: video demonstration and CES 22 > Hisense 77R1 TriChroma Laser TV Ultra HD 4K “rollable”: marketing in 2023). It remains to be seen whether its marketing is soon on the agenda for the Asian manufacturer.

A product similar in terms of size and cinematics to the LG OLED65R1 (the rollable television from LG), the Hisense Rollable Laser TV is of course based on an ultra-short throw video projector.

Hisense Rollable Laser TV

Every two years, Hisense reminds us of its rollable Laser TV. The advantage of such a product of course lies in its discretion, the screen completely disappearing into its casing when the Laser TV is turned off. As a reminder, Laser TVs are sold with a large diagonal fixed technical screen (ALR or CLR for Ambient Light Rejecting or Ceiling Light Rejecting), always present on the wall. Unless you use a motorized screen, the concept of the Rollable Laser TV therefore makes sense in these times of interior minimalism with increasingly sober and/or zen decorations.

We do not know, at the time of writing these lines, the diagonal of the Hisense Rollable Laser TV but it should be close to that of the previous specimens presented in 2020 and 2022, respectively 70'' (178 cm) and 77'' (196 cm).

More details later.