Apple Vision Pro 2 from 2027: brighter screen in sight

It hasn't even come out yet that Apple's mixed reality headset already has a successor in the works, with plenty of rumors to go with it.

The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset should only be launched in the first quarter of 2024 in the United States, and there are already rumors of the improvements that its successor, suspected by the supplier chain, would have for 2027.

OLEDoS RGB technology to replace White Oled + color filter

The Omdia firm thus revealed to the Korean media The Elec that the Apple Vision Pro 2 (let's call it that) will be equipped with OLEDoS RGB screens, much more efficient than the WOLED+CF specimens of the current model. Precision, WOLED+CF means White Oled + color filter, and it is these filters which reduce the brightness that the final image will offer. In contrast, RGB OLEDoS (oS for “on Silicon/on silicone”) has Red, Green and Blue sub-pixels which provide both color and light, therefore not requiring filters and thus offering more brightness .

Note that Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted that this second model would arrive in 2027, and that another cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro should be released in the meantime.