“Game Boy” iPhone card holder

Useful meets pleasant with this magnetic card holder for iPhone, featuring the good old GameBoy console.

After the Apple Watch holder and the AirPods case protection, Elago's W5 collection extends with a sMagSafe card holder to attach to the back of an iPhone case. And if the photos haven't alerted you, this collection has the particularity of reproducing the design of the good old Nintendo GameBoy console.

GameBoy credit card holder on the back of the iPhone

Containing up to two credit card type cards, the accessory is magnetic and takes advantage of Apple's MagSafe to attach firmly to the back of the smartphone (iPhone 12, 13, 14, and 15 compatibility). Note an RFID material which protects the cards from the waves emitted by the iPhone, and a small notch at the bottom to slide the cards in and out easily.

For the moment only available on the American Amazon site at indicative price of 26 dollars.