Video streaming, the subscriber wants simplification

As the video streaming offering continues to grow, how do users choose which services to choose?

The latest annual report from Hub Entertainment Research tells us more about the relationship between consumers and video streaming services, in a context where the offer is becoming increasingly dense.

One for all, all for one?

We learn that 88% of consumers agree that streaming platforms are increasing their prices more than in the past, and 77% say that their budget prevents them from subscribing to more services. Interestingly, 59% of respondents say they are ready to pay for an application allowing them to manage and pay for all their subscriptions from a single interface.

The floor to Jon Giegengack, director at Hub Entertainment Research

“Viewers are excited about the volume of content to choose from,” notes Jon Giegengack, director at Hub Entertainment Research. Their biggest problem now is figuring out how to manage everything. Companies that can make entertainment simpler (through bundling or universal search, for example) will attract more subscribers. But more importantly, they will offer a service that many are willing to pay extra for.”