Next generation Xbox from 2026?

So far expected for 2028, the next Xbox console could arrive early in order to beat the competitor PlayStation.

Previous rumors saw the successor to the Xbox Series arriving in 2028, rather logical since the PlayStation 6 should arrive around the same time. However, the latest indiscretions collected by the YouTube channel RedGamingTech (video below) suggest that the new Xbox would arrive in advance, from 2026.

Next Xbox based on AMD's Zen 5 architecture?

In fact, rather than running with AMD's Zen 6 architecture - as previously suspected - this new machine would only benefit from Zen 5, which itself should only arrive in 2024. This Xbox would however benefit from the RDNA 5 architecture, already mentioned in previous leaks.

Next Xbox to counter the PS5 Pro?

Advancing the release date of the console for Microsoft would be a way to counter the PlayStation 5 Pro which would arrive at the start of the 2024 school year, but also to arrive on the market before the PlayStation 6. An uncertain bet for Microsoft since its machine would risk then to be technically overtaken by its competitor.