CES 24 > LG S95TR: 9.1.5 Wowcast soundbar, Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, 810 W, Wi-Fi and HDMI 2.1

As usual, LG communicates a few days before the opening of the CES show in Las Vegas on its new range of sound bars. For the 2024 edition of the American show which will be held from January 8 to 13, the Korean manufacturer will present the LG S95TR, a 9.1.5 sound bar, of course Dolby Atmos/DTS:X compatible and equipped with the new integrated Wowcast functionality .

9.1.5 audio system, the LG S95TR comes in the form of a soundbar with a classic design accompanied by a wireless subwoofer (20 cm woofer). There is of course an additional central Up-Firing speaker, for a total of three on the soundbar, to which must be added two other suitable speakers on the surrounds.

LG S95TR, first specifications

We don't yet know everything about the technical characteristics of the S95TR soundbar. However, LG announces Dolby Atmos/DTS:X compatibility, Class D amplification delivering a total power of 810 W, Imax Enhanced certification, 135° sound diffusion for surround speakers, a more stable wireless connection for enhanced audio quality, the Wow orchestra function (concurrent operation of the sound bar and the TV speakers in order to expand the soundstage) and, new, the integrated Wowcast functionality. The latter ensures, during a wireless Wi-Fi connection between the television and the soundbar and its surround speakers, Lossless support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks (up to 7.1.4 ), or with the best possible quality. As a reminder, until last year, the Wowcast functionality was provided by an external module.

LG S95TR, AI Sound Pro function improved

The AI Sound Pro function coming directly from the brand's televisions is present. This means that the adjustments made in real time by the TV depending on the nature of the signal are transmitted to the soundbar for even improved sound reproduction. Likewise, an AI Room Calibration of the room is included in the program to perfectly adapt the sound to the acoustics of the room. New, this now supports surround speakers regardless of their positioning - offset in height, not in the axis of the TV, offset from each other at the rear, etc. - to significantly improve sound immersion.

Last clarification, the LG S95TR soundbar has an additional passive radiator to reinforce the impact of the bass and above all improve the sound connection between the bar and the subwoofer. Likewise, LG says, the performance of onboard tweeters is increasing for improved sound clarity and precision. With the aim, of course, of offering better audio immersion.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the LG S95TR:

• Type: sound bar

• System: 9.1.5

• Amplification: Class D

• Total power: 810 W

• Subwoofer: external wireless

• Technologies: Wowcast, Wow Orchestra

• AI Sound Pro functions, AI Room Calibration

• Dolby Atmos decoder

• DTS:X decoder

• HDCP 2.3 certification