Wednesday, Peaky Blinders Netflix “drifts” en masse

It's official, the Netflix platform will develop two spin-off series from Peaky Blinders and Wednesday. A tendency towards “duplication” that could make our heads spin…

Netflix is reportedly gearing up to develop as many prequels and sequels as possible from its most popular series. Two Peaky Blinders sequels are already in development. One of them will be a direct sequel to the original series, set in 20th century Boston, decades after the main series ended. The other will center on Polly Gray (played by the late Helen McCrory in the original series), the matriarch of the Shelby clan.

Too much spin off kills the spin off?

A spin-off of Wednesday, which would center on Uncle Fester (pictured below), is also being considered with the idea of establishing a sort of serial flowchart of the Addams family. On another note, a new series set in the world of the Extraction/Tyler Rake action film franchise would also be under study. And this is just the beginning… Source: Bloomberg