Xbox Game Pass soon “free”?

The gaming market is inspired by that of video streaming and the Xbox Game Pass service could soon offer free service in exchange for the obligation to watch advertising.

Several indications suggest that the Xbox Game Pass service could soon offer a new free subscription offer, supported by advertising.

Free Cloud Gaming Xbox Game Pass against advertising

Video games are therefore inspired by streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney+, which have recently introduced new offers interspersed with advertisements. Concretely, the player could “win” 15-minute game windows by watching a few advertisements. This novelty, however, would only affect certain regions such as Africa, India or South-East Asia, territories where consoles are less popular than elsewhere. Details recently discussed by Microsoft Gaming CFO Tim Stuart.

Free Cloud Gaming Xbox Game Pass, a bunch of clues

Other clues include surveys sent by Microsoft to Xbox players about such a project, as well as lines of code in the Xbox OS which describe the famous system of exchanging playing time for viewing time of advertisement. Who knows, if such an initiative were ever successful, perhaps it would be offered in Western regions... Source: Windows Central