Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson addicted to painkillers in The Smashing Machine

We know the next film by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: it will be produced by the very high quality studio A24, written and directed by Benny Safdie, to whom we already owe Uncut Gems and Good Time.

Suffice to say that the association of A24, Dwayne Johnson and the director of Uncunt Gems is intriguing. And all the more so since it would be the first dramatic and dark role for the actor.

The anti Fast & Furious

The latter, who began his career as a professional wrestler, will portray MMA fighter Mark Kerr, a two-time UFC heavyweight tournament champion who struggled for many years with an addiction to painkillers. The champion was previously the subject of a 2002 HBO documentary, also titled The Smashing Machine, which followed his rise in the world of MMA and uncompromisingly addressed his addiction to painkillers, which led to his overdose. Suffice to say that we are far from the feel good movie and the friendly action film to which the actor has accustomed us. Source: Hollywood Reporter