The World After Us: Julia Roberts returns to stardom on Netflix

Julia Roberts returns to the top of the bill in a psychological thriller imagined by the creator of Mr Robot, entitled The World After Us.

Sam Esmail, to whom we owe Mr Robot and Homecoming (already with Julia Roberts), returns with a more than enigmatic psychological thriller in the form of a home invasion. The official synopsis announces: “A family who dreamed of a break in a luxurious rental house plunges into chaos after a cyberattack which neutralizes all devices, and the irruption of two strangers”.

In this anxiety-provoking thriller, the Pretty Woman actress stars alongside Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, Myha'la Herrold (seen in the series Black Mirror and Industry) and Kevin Bacon, all serving an atmosphere end of the world and many oppressive mysteries. Between realistic thriller and paranoid fantasy tale, the film skillfully mixes genres. It is available today on Netflix.