Nintendo Switch 2 (or Pro) equipped with an Oled screen from Samsung?

Following some legal complications, Nintendo is expected to source the Oled screens for its next console from Korean Samsung Display, which could be released in a few months.

According to the Korean media ChosunBiz, Nintendo is sourcing from Samsung Display for the Oled screen of its future Switch 2 (or Pro) console, which should be released next spring.

Nintendo Switch 2 (or Pro), from BOE to Samsung Display

Initially, the screen was to be supplied by the Chinese BOE, but the latter was recently sued by Samsung, accused of having stolen the Korean's intellectual properties, of having cloned its technologies, then of selling these screens illegally. Given that these legal cases can last a long time, BOE's customers - including Nintendo, but also Steam for its SteamDeck console - preferred to withdraw so as not to be involved in the lawsuit, even if it meant paying more by sourcing from Samsung.