France video market 2023, the figures

During the press conference organized by Ultra HD Partners France yesterday in Paris, video market figures were communicated by Yves Elalouf, president of SEVN, the Digital Video Publishing Union and vice-president President of Sales at Warner Bros.

In 2023, at the end of September, the physical video market in all formats (DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray) shows a decrease in volume of -15% with 9.8 million units sold against 11.5 million in 2022. In value, the trend is the same with a decline of -16% for a turnover of 148 million in 2023 against 176 million in 2022. On the graphs below, you can also visualize the difference between revenues generated by new releases, in light blue and light purple, and catalog titles, in dark blue and dark purple.

4K Ultra HD 2023 France, the numbers

In detail, the 4K Ultra HD market now accounts for 13% of the turnover of the physical video market compared to 11.7% in 2022 and 7.9% in 2021.

Other interesting data for the year 2022: sales of 4K Ultra HD discs increased by 1% with just over 700,000 units sold. Sales of Full HD Blu-Ray discs fell by 14% to 2.9 million copies, while DVDs fell by 17% with 6.8 million. In value, due to price erosion, the 4K Ultra HD market declines by 6% for a turnover of 19 million euros, Full HD Blu-Ray decreases by 15% for a turnover of 41 million euros then that DVDs fell by 18% for revenues of 87 million euros.

Another interesting point to note is the weight of new releases in value and volume depending on the format. You can see in the graphs below, sales and turnover of the 4K format (or Ultra HD Blu-Ray) are increasing for new releases, respectively 22% with 500,000 units and 16% and 12.5 million euros. On the other hand, sales of catalog titles in 4K Ultra HD fell by 200,000 units to -27% and turnover logically followed at -31% and 6.7 million euros. For their part, the DVD and Blu-Ray formats posted mediocre figures with significantly more pronounced drops, to be discovered below.

In short, the decline of the video market in France continues inexorably. Only the 4K Ultra HD format limits damage, and then only for the new segment. However, after discussions with the editors, most of whom were present at this press conference, the dominant feeling is that of a floor having been reached, or about to be reached. See you in 2024 to check if this is an informed projection on the market or a reassuring Coué method.

See you in later news for a zoom on the best sales of 4K Ultra HD titles in France for the year 2023.