Oled on iPad Pro, but also iPad Air and iPad Mini

Oled technology is finally arriving (normally) on the iPad Pro in 2024, but will also affect the iPad Air and Mini in 2026.

It was in 2015 (already!) that we first reported to you a rumor reporting the arrival of Oled technology on Apple tablets. And several rumors published at the start of the year seem to confirm that the very first Oled iPads are (finally) arriving in 2024.

iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro, Oled for everyone

But that's not all if we are to believe the Korean media ET News. Indeed, in the wake of these first tablets, Oled will also arrive in 2026 on the Pad Air and on an 8.7'' (22 cm) iPad Mini. Then it will still be an Oled iPad Pro in 2027, alongside a 12.9'' (32.7 cm) iPad Air. As a reminder, Oled technology - particularly suitable for small screens compared to LCD for example, with reduced energy consumption - remains expensive, even if the manufacturing price drops over the years.