Oppenheimer 4K Ultra HD sold out in the USA

The 4K version of director Christopher Nolan's latest film is almost sold out in the USA, even though the edition was only released last week.

We don't know if the director did it on purpose, but last week, Christopher Nolan made an appearance in the media extolling the virtues of physical media versus streaming.

A 4K that is almost impossible to find but prices are soaring

Since then, the site has reported that according to mass feedback on social networks, Oppenheimer is practically impossible to find in 4K UHD at major retailers and that it is “sold out almost everywhere”.

The situation has even deteriorated enough that some online retailers are doubling or tripling the price of 4K editions of the film. The Blu-Ray and DVD versions are logically easier to find, even if stocks are also starting to reduce.

Stretched in France too

At a time when physical support in its entirety sometimes falters, this kind of good news brings balm to the heart. It's been a long time since Universal Pictures needed to restock its inventory. Let's hope this is the start of a new trend. In France, things are starting to be tense too, especially for the Collector Steelbook edition…