Gauss: Samsung presents its ChatGPT

Samsung beats Apple and launches its ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence model, called Gauss.

2023 will have been the year of generative AI systems, popularized by image generators like Midjourney or Dall-E, or text generators like ChatGPT. It is now the turn of the Korean Samsung to enter the dance with its own system called Gauss and presented at the beginning of November.

Gauss, ChatGPT for Samsung devices?

Designed for device AI applications, Gauss offers several features you'd expect from such software, including a language model that helps compose emails and translate content. It also helps programmers write code more quickly, and finally it also acts as a generator of images from textual descriptions.

Samsung's word

Currently, Gauss is only being tested internally to improve employee productivity, but will be rolled out to "a variety of Samsung product applications to provide a new user experience in the near future." In other words, expect to see this AI land on Galaxy smartphones from 2024.