Samsung still in the Top 5 global brands

In 2023, Samsung Electronics maintains its fifth place in the Top Interbrand.

Brand and identity consulting company, Interbrand establishes each year a ranking of the best companies, according to an in-house monetary estimate.

Zoom on the Interbrand Top 5

In 2023, Samsung Electronics is proud of its fifth place, which it occupies for the fourth consecutive year. Great result when we know that the first four are, in order: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, also maintaining their position compared to last year.

A word to YH Lee, President of the Global Marketing Office at Samsung Electronics

In detail, Samsung is valued at $91.4 billion, or 4% better than the previous year. “We will always strive to be a brand loved by our customers by leading technological innovation, delivering meaningful experiences and continuing our sustainability efforts,” said YH Lee, President of the Global Office of marketing at Samsung Electronics.