Marvel cinema/TV, soon the big “reset”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe -or MCU- could be "reset" after the 2027 Avengers: Secret Wars film.

Almost accidentally, Marvel literally shook up the cinema and then TV industry with its films and series adapted from the multimedia giant's comics. But what was initially a successful and controlled experience - a set of films interconnected in a coherent manner - has quickly become a big mess in recent years, between formulaic films devoid of soul and series shunned by viewers for lack of quality.

We start everything again, even if it means bringing back missing people

Rather than tinkering with patches to hold the wreck together, Marvel could take inspiration from what is already being done in comics: reset the counters to zero and start on a healthy basis. A reboot that will be initiated by the 2027 Avengers: Secret Wars film. This is apparently the intention of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, if we are to believe Joanna Robinson, the author of the new book MCU: the Reign of Marvel Studios, who spoke on a recent episode of The Watch podcast. "We have a quote from Kevin Feige that seems to suggest that Secret Wars will serve as a soft reset, allowing for the pruning of anything that isn't working (… ) and just keep what works, or bring back characters you thought were gone forever,” says Robinson.

Towards a mega-crossover?

And added: “As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded into streaming shows and the Multiverse saga, Feige has had to learn different lessons from the comics: how superheroes periodically need to "be reset, how to keep spinoffs from spiraling out of control, how an annual mega-crossover event can unify a line of disparate characters."