Password sharing hunt, it still works for Netflix

The third quarter looks positive for Netflix, and the following quarters should be even more positive, notably thanks to the hunt for password sharing.

According to the latest data from Wedbush Securities (via mediaplaynews), the hunt for password sharing carried out by Netflix continues to have a positive impact on the growth of its number of subscribers and its turnover.

, 20% of Netflix subscribers reacted to the impossibility of sharing passwords

As a reminder, last May Netflix began in the USA to warn its subscribers that password sharing was no longer tolerated, and that it was necessary to pay an additional $7.99 (€5.99 in our country) to add a self-employed user. Based on a recent survey of 1,000 people, Webdush reports that 10% of impacted respondents chose to pay extra to add a user. And 10% stopped sharing their password, prompting new subscriptions from former “profiteers”.

Netflix, average revenue per subscriber on the rise

In the end, the average revenue generated per user increased, which is good news for Netflix. On the subscription side, Webdush estimates that Netflix will have 5.5 million new arrivals in the third quarter, in line with the company's forecasts. The official announcement of Netflix's quarterly results is scheduled for October 18.