Daredevil Re-Born Again series? 9 episodes go to waste

Disney's reboot of the iconic Daredevil series, previously broadcast on Netflix, is in trouble.

However, this revival so awaited by fans, entitled Daredevil: Born Again, seemed to be off to a good start... until the writers' strike, which broke out last June, stopped filming of the series while 9 episodes were on the way. 18 initially planned had already been shot.

Too much courtroom, not enough action

Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel (originally, Daredevil is a character from the Marvel universe developed by Netflix then transferred to Marvel), and several executives of the studio, decided that as it stands, the serial was not working.

Some sources suggest that the series took a too procedural turn to the detriment of the action on which the Netflix version was based at the time. Charlie Cox (Daredevil) would not appear in Daredevil costume until the fourth episode. For Marvel Studios, nothing more was needed to stop the costs. Both showrunners, Chris Ord and Matt Corman, were fired, along with the directors slated for the remainder of the season. A new team was hired with instructions to start from scratch. In fact, very few scenes already shot will be kept.

Thank you strike?

It's still amazing to see that it took Marvel executives 9 episodes to realize that they didn't like it... We wonder what would have happened if the writers' strike hadn't stopped filming, would Marvel have completely thrown 18 episodes in the trash? Heartbreaking. Source: Hollywood Reporter