PlayStation 6, rough concept

Small concept of the next PlayStation console, which imagines Sony pushing the design madness even further than that of the PS5.

What if Sony, after the curved and elegant lines of the PlayStation 5, decided on a more rough and industrial approach for the future PlayStation 6?

PS6 concept by Darko DarMar Markovic

This is what designer Darko “DarMar” Markovic asked himself with this 3D design of a console which echoes a retro-futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic. An approach completely opposite to that of another designer who last year imagined a PS6 adopting the codes of the first PS One.

PS6 concept with clear shapes

Resembling a Soviet building more than a new generation console, this new concept adopts sharper shapes, and even has a recess to store the controller. A controller which also completely changes appearance, notably abandoning the famous handles which are inseparable from the PlayStation joypads. According to the latest news, this new generation of console should arrive in 2027 at the earliest.