LG OLED TV 2024, powerful Alpha 10 processor on the menu

Every year, LG Oled televisions benefit from a new Alpha central processor (Alpha 9 in 2023), the first of which appeared in 2018. In 2024, the Korean manufacturer will not deviate from tradition with the new ultra-powerful Alpha 10 chip according to its creator.

If the 2018 Alpha 9 was the first in the line equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules to improve the audio-video quality of televisions, all the processors embedded in the chassis since have been based on the same NPU (Neural Processing Unit which acts as the “brains” of the processor). Although the power of successive Alpha 9 chips increased each year to refine audio and video processing, the latter hardly changed because they were based on the same algorithms, or almost.

Alpha 10 signed LG SIC Center

With the Alpha 10 chip, LG promises something new. The SIC (System Integrated Circuit) division of LG Electronics, responsible for the development of all processors based on artificial intelligence, has announced that the Alpha 10 chip is equipped with a powerful second-generation NPU. Five years after the introduction of the Alpha 9, the Alpha 10 therefore marks a turning point for the Korean group's semiconductor activity and should be found at the heart of numerous LG-branded devices, televisions of course but also household appliances (sector White Cold sector, air conditioners, robots, etc.).

LG Alpha 10 with a new NPU (Neural Processing Unit)

One of the advantages of the Alpha 10 and its new NPU lies, as you will have understood, in a tenfold increase in power allowing all kinds of calculations directly within the chip, without requesting the help of a center remote data server. Likewise, the Alpha 10, which benefits from finer engraving, allows for substantial energy savings and its speed is also a strength for the security of the product, especially if it is connected to the internet.

LG Alpha 10, for a magnified Imga and Sound show

In the context of the TV market, the use of the Alpha 10 is full of promise in the areas of audio-video quality, particularly in terms of the sharpness of the displayed image, the suppression of video noise, the management of the foreground and backgrounds for the relief effect, without forgetting of course the sound immersion thanks to artificial intelligence. Of course, the Alpha 10 will also be used for the TV interface, connected functions and interactive services (camera, etc.)