Drone Games: first images of the next little gem from Prime Video

On October 19, Prime Video will unveil the thriller Drone Games which, despite its teenage film appearance, turns out to be terrifying. The trailer has just been released.

Director Olivier Abbou had already signed the series Maroni for Canal+ and Les Papillons Noirs for Arte. There he developed a personal style and a certain taste for thrillers, a dark tendency that was also found in his feature films Furie (1999) and Territoires (2011).

October 19 on Prime Video

Radical change of direction (at least in appearance!) with Drone Games, the film he made for Amazon and which will be visible from October 19 on the platform. The winner of Best Unitary at the last La Rochelle Fiction Festival tells, in fact, how Tom, a lonely teenager and fan of drones, crosses paths with a free and joyfully anarchist gang who lead him into a series of robberies . Little by little things will degenerate…

The first Drone Games trailer has just dropped. To discover below.