Yamaha R-N2000A online test: Hi-Fi amplifier network player

If Yamaha is at the origin of the Home Cinema market with the marketing of the first digital surround processor, the DSP-A1 in 1986, and the first Dolby Pro Logic amplifier, the Yamaha DSP-A1000 in 1991, the Japanese manufacturer has an even longer history with that of Hi-Fi, initiated from the mid-1950s. And the latest addition to the brand, the Yamaha R-N2000A truly honors nearly sixty years of innovation in the field sound reproduction.

The Hamamatsu firm's invaluable contribution to Hi-Fi began in 1954 with the Yamaha Hi-Fi Player. Since then, it has continued to innovate with the marketing of integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, equalizers, passive speakers, active speakers, record players, turntables, K7, audio CD players, headphones, network players…

Yamaha R-N2000A, the strength of a story

If each of these references was an opportunity, of course, to highlight the designs exclusive to the brand, it was above all an opportunity for Yamaha to demonstrate its know-how in sound reproduction with many specific audio treatments and technical progress developed by in-house engineers. With an obsession present over all these decades, extreme transparency and clarity to get as close as possible to the original sound of the instruments, a problem that the company knows perfectly well. It should be remembered that the Japanese company is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments in the world, most often handcrafted by workers with golden fingers, including the famous Yamaha pianos. Likewise, Yamaha has opened Yamaha music schools throughout the world in which thousands of young people learn to master the art of Euterpe).

Yamaha R-N2000A, substance and form

The brand's latest addition, the Yamaha R-N2000A, which combines a stereo amplifier and network player to meet the new needs for dematerialized music consumption, is faithful to the manufacturer's tradition. It knows how to extract the essential marrow of Hi-Res Audio files, extracting the quintessence of all sound recordings, all with perfect ergonomics via the MusicCast multiroom functionality and the application of the same name.

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