Amazon Eero Max 7, Wi-Fi 7 compatible Mesh Wi-Fi system

Amazon announces the new version of the Eero Max 7 Wi-Fi system, its first mesh system which in the process buries its predecessors in terms of performance.

Wi‑Fi system intended to replace the router and to extend network coverage in a home, notably by boosting areas where the signal is weak, Eero Max from Amazon is arriving in its new version called Eero Max 7.

Amazon Eero Max 7, download a 4K Ultra HD movie in 10 seconds…

The device is equipped with patented TrueMesh proprietary network technology and the latest Wi-Fi 7 standard (hence the product name…) significantly increasing transfer speeds, avoiding interference from neighboring networks and improving latency of the mesh. With its 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection (9.4 Gb/s wired, up to 4.3 Gb/s wireless), it is for example possible to download an Ultra HD 4K film in 10 seconds or a video game of 50 GB in less than a minute. All this legally, we hope.

A word to Eric Saarnio, Vice President Amazon Devices International

“Connectivity is central to our daily lives: we stream movies and TV shows, we make video calls for work, we play online games with our friends, and we use a number always growing number of connected devices, said Eric Saarnio, vice president, Amazon Devices International. With tens of millions of Eero devices worldwide, we know that customers notice even a millisecond delay when streaming a movie or gaming, they want reliable connectivity in every corners of the house and are always looking for faster speeds. Eero Max7 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned – it’s a whole new class of eero, built without compromise.” Available. Indicative price: 699.99 euros.