Does iOS17 work on your (old) iPhone?

The new operating system for iPhone has just arrived, and as usual, some of the older models will not be able to access it. At the stake: iPhone 8 and iPhone X (and their predecessors of course).

As always, when a new version of the iPhone operating system arrives, it is only compatible with models from the last five years -more or less- and leaves older iPhones in the lurch.

Which iPhone to take advantage of iOS17?

To find out if your model is one of those that can upgrade to iOS17, here is the list of iPhones that accept iOS17, alongside the very recent iPhone 15 of course:

• All iPhone 14

• All iPhone 13

• All iPhone 12

• All iPhone 11

• iPhone XS and XS Max

• iPhone XR

• iPhone SE 2020

• iPhone SE 2022

iOS operating system, between 5 and 8 iPhone generations supported

We note that it is the iPhone 8 and iPhone X which are excluded this time, without forgetting of course all the models prior to the latter. As a bonus, you will find below a graph compiled by Statista showing the history of iOS compatibility. As you can notice, until iOS13 the oldest iPhones were systematically deprived of compatibility with the new OS, even if we observe an improvement over time.