Earthquake in Morocco: he saves his PS5!

Faced with the emergency of a natural disaster, knowing how to react quickly and make vital decisions in just a few seconds is not given to everyone.

Morocco was recently hit by a terrible earthquake, with thousands of deaths and in which many survivors lost their homes and possessions. Such a catastrophe unfortunately happens without warning, and you have to react quickly, especially when it comes to leaving your home to get out into the open, where you have less chance of being crushed by a building.

What to save in case of disaster?

And when you only have a few seconds to escape, that's when everyone's sense of priorities is expressed. We say to ourselves that the passport or the computer or even the dog/cat/nac comes first to mind, but not for everyone... For illustration, this man whose photo has made the rounds on social networks: he came out without shoes or a T-shirt but took the time to save his… PlayStation 5.

To help the Moroccan people recover from this disaster, you can make an online donation to the following address: Fondation de France