New iPhone camera features with iOS17

With the next iOS17 back-to-school update, new functions and options are coming to the Camera application on compatible iPhones.

When the new iPhone 15s are released in September, Apple will also deploy the new iOS17 update, which will bring new features to previous smartphones, particularly for the Camera and Photos applications. Here are a few…

New Cameras and Photos features in iOS17

• Improved visual search with the camera, for example to find the recipe for a photographed dish, but also the meaning of a symbol such as a road sign, or a washing icon on clothing. Also usable on a video by pausing it

• The Photos app can now recognize a specific animal, in order to classify your cats and dogs automatically in albums

• By zooming in on a photo you can crop with a single button without having to open the image editing interface

• A horizontal line appears when capturing an image, to ensure, for example, that a landscape is level before take a photo

• Third-party applications can now access Cinematic mode for playing and editing these particular videos, with background blur