2024, the Apple Watch X will change everything?

Similar to the iPhone X in its day, Apple intends to significantly develop its range of connected watches with the future Apple Watch X on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman - always well-informed behind the scenes of Apple - a major revamp is planned for the Apple Watch range of connected watches, starting in 2024, 2025 at the latest.

New design for the Apple Watch X?

This iteration should celebrate the tenth anniversary of the product (the first Apple Watch was unveiled in 2014 and marketed in 2015) and will bear the name of Apple Watch X, in reference to the iPhone X which had also been a model notable anniversary in its time. Thus, more than offering a simple evolution of technical characteristics, this version should stand out for its strap attachment system. Instead of fitting into slots, it will attach magnetically, freeing up a lot of space inside said case.

From there, Apple can choose to use this space to improve the capabilities of the watch, for example for a larger battery, or to reduce the thickness of the Apple Watch, which will sport a design even more striking.