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IFA 23 > Xgimi Horizon Ultra, DLP Ultra HD/4K Laser/LED and Dolby Vision video projector

The Chinese manufacturer Xgimi announces on its website its latest Ultra HD 4K obedience, which tops the range of Horizon video projectors, the aptly named Xgimi Horizon Ultra. Its specificity, a dual LED and laser light source.

The image published by the manufacturer indicates that the Xgimi Horizon Ultra has a throw ratio of 1.2-1.5, so it is not an ultra short throw model. On the other hand, its size is in the vein of the Xgimi Horizon and Xgimi Horizon Pro, ultracompact. Important precision, like its predecessors, the Xgimi Horizon Ultra has advanced ergonomics with automatic keystone adjustment, the same for focusing, which greatly facilitates its installation. Combined with a contained weight, this accentuates its transportability.

Xgimi Horizon Ultra, dual laser and LED light source

The great novelty of the Xgimi Horizon Ultra does not lie in its cubic design (already in vogue on the Xgimi Horizon and Xgimi Horizon Pro) nor in its sound equipment signed Harman Kardon, but in its light source called Dual Light. The latter is double, laser and LED, in order to combine, according to the brand, "the brightness and the precision of the colors of the LEDs with the strong contrast and the sharpness of the laser". If its creator does not specify the brightness of the Xgimi Horizon Ultra, with this kind of statement, it should be higher than that of the Xgimi Horizon Pro, or display more than 2,200 lumens.

Xgimi Horizon Ultra, HDR Dolby Vision and Smart Android TV compatibility

Another remarkable specification of the Xgimi Horizon Ultra, its HDR Dolby Vision compatibility. Finally, the operating system of the Xgimi Horizon Ultra is none other than Android TV, guaranteeing access to most of the flagship applications of the moment, in particular streaming with Amazon Prime Video or Disney +. On the other hand, the native Netflix application is still missing.

More details at the next IFA show in Berlin where the editorial staff of will of course be present.